mardi 9 août 2016

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Just after the entry of Viagra in the market, the Pfizer manufactured drug that has gained approval from the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as an effective treatment of male erectile dysfunction, patients afflicted with erectile dysfunction across the world gained sufficient relief from the disorder. With Viagra effects against male impotence gaining momentum throughout the world the drug has come to be recognized as the best available erectile dysfunction treatment.
Until recently, individuals who sought medical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction were told "It's all in your head". Physicians labeled these individuals with a psychological disorder and they were referred to counseling. Today, Along with Viagra, the first FDA approved oral pill to treat male impotence and similar other erectile dysfunction pills, a host of other treatment procedures are available in the market in order to provide relief from male erectile dysfunction. Relief from the grip of erectile dysfunction is not impossible if the patient runs straightway towards the physician and in accordance with his instructions treats his erectile dysfunction with anti-impotency pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
Different types of erectile dysfunction therapies available in the pharmaceutical market are listed below with a brief description in pointers attached to each specific treatment option:
Oral medications like Viagra, Cialis are an effective erectile dysfunction treatment option
  • Erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are utilized as erectile dysfunction treatment via the maximum number of erectile dysfunction patients.
  • As soon as Viagra is administered, the drug inhibits the PDE5 enzyme and accelerates the effects of nitric oxide and this specific Viagra action further accelerates blood flow to the penis of the man suffering from erectile dysfunction and makes him capable of triggering off erections necessary for sexual intercourse.
Penile Injection Therapy is an effective but painful erectile dysfunction treatment method
  • Penile injection therapy is a specific non-surgical treatment procedure of erectile dysfunction and in this process, different drugs like prostaglandin E1 (Caverject, Prostin, or Alpoprostadil), phentolamine (Regitine) and papaverine (Papaverine hydrochloride) are inserted into the tip of the penis via an injection.
  • As soon as drug is injected into the penis, the penis becomes hard almost instantly and within 15 minutes triggers off erections that last for several hours.
Vacuum Therapy is not very popular as an erectile dysfunction treatment mainly because of the use of unhandy equipment
  • Special vacuum devices are used in this procedure to fill the penis with blood and as soon as sufficient amount of blood accumulates in the penile section, the penis triggers off rock hard erections necessary for sexual intercourse.
  • In vacuum therapy, the devices used are namely,
  1. A plastic cylinder which is placed over the penis
  2. A pump that is utilized to vacate the cylinder of air
  3. An elastic band that is placed at the base of the penis to maintain erection
Penile Implant is an erectile dysfunction treatment option which involves surgery
  • In this therapy, penile prosthesis, a pump system is placed in the penis in order to enable the erectile dysfunction patient to trigger off erections necessary for sexual intercourse and as soon as the man completes orgasm, he is required to push a release valve so that the penis is deflated.
  • Also on occasions when the penis causes curved erections, penile prosthesis is implanted through surgery and sufficient erections necessary for sexual intercourse are achieved.
  • In connection with penile implants, it is to be mentioned that this method is used only when the general treatment procedures fail to provide relief from erectile dysfunction.
Hormonal Therapy is effective as erectile dysfunction treatment but only in certain specific cases
  • With the deficiency of the male hormone testosterone emerging as a prominent cause of a large number of erectile dysfunction cases, hormonal therapy is increasingly utilized to treat erectile dysfunction worldwide. In hormonal therapy, the shortage of testosterone is restored by injecting testosterone to the body periodically, generally after every two weeks.
  • Skin patches and gels are also used in hormonal therapy in order to supply adequate amount of testosterone to the body, skin patches and gels are rubbed on the skin. Further, a strip that is placed in the gums, inside the mouth is also available.

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  2. I had such a problem, and I've tried several times to solve this problem without pharmacy but it's impossible. Then I decided to take special medicine, thanks for kamagra it really helped me a lot and now I can feel like real man.